Striving for Excellence Across the Board

Safety is no exception.

At the core of our performance is our unwavering commitment to the good of everyone involved in a project—partners, employees, subcontractors, and the community. From our culture of accountability, our in-house safety committee, and training in universal safety guidelines like OSHA, MSHA, CPR, and First Aid, we place the well-being of our people—including our clients—front and center. We are dedicated to reducing risk and injury in our industry.


Safety to a 'T'

It starts with an actionable plan.


It doesn’t matter if you’re hired with experience or if it’s your first day on a job site—everyone takes our essential safety training.


Our heavy equipment is always well-maintained and updated, so our teams reap the benefits of working with clean, safe equipment.


We look out for each other. While Muschlitz advocates taking personal responsibility, we can’t always see what’s around the corner. We approach safety as a team.

Improve Project Safety with Muschlitz

Our team works mindfully to protect everyone on the job.

Construction doesn't have a great history of safe work, but we're on a mission to change all that. At Muschlitz we take into account the practical and behavioral factors that affect a person's capacity to work safely. Our goal is to stay dynamic when so we can respond to innovations in the world of safety in a way that benefits our whole team.